RECOVERY is a sustainably sourced beef bone broth made from local pasture-raised beef. We support local farmers by using marrow and knuckle bones sourced from farms that humanely raise their animals on pasture.  Our beef suppliers are well known and highly regarded in the Western Washington community for providing quality meat. 

SLOW-COOKED FOR 24 HOURS: We create the best bone broth, packed full of collagen, vital proteins & amino acids by gently simmering the bones and knuckles of responsibly raised animals for over 24 hours!

Our cooking process helps release healthy minerals and amino acids from the bones. Bernie’s Recovery also contains high collagen levels due to the method of extraction, giving your dog a power punch of nutrients and flavor. 

Beef bone broth is a robust and rejuvenating beverage packed with minerals, amino acids, glucosamine, and many more valuable nutrients. It can be served alone or mixed with meals. 

How much bone broth should you feed your dog? 

As with any new food, introduce Bernie’s Recovery slowly to assess your dog’s reaction and work your way up by adding small amounts as you see fit. The total amount varies depending on the size of your dog, but we recommend up to six ounces per day for larger dog breeds.


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