A luxury composition prepared in our Cookhouse with nutrient-dense fresh and sustainable whole foods. It can be consumed as a complete meal or as a delicious complement or topper.

We use 6 sources of high-quality, human-grade proteins as a clean nutritional base: 

  1. MSC certified whole Wild Alaska pollock frozen at sea 
  2. Pasture-raised, human-grade beef liver locally sourced in Washington State from farmers who care and maintain high animal welfare standards.
  3.   We also make our own pasture-raised Beef Bone Broth used in the Pure Velvet Recipe.
  4. MSC certified Alaskan Cod liver sourced from the pristine Bering Sea. A truly pure source of important omegas 3s. 
  5. Pork liver
  6. Whole fresh eggs

In addition, we added Four plant based superfoods: kelp, turmeric, cinnamon and Jerusalem artichoke.

Yes, we only use fresh raw materials, never processed ingredients! Our omega 3s come directly from cod livers, all our eggs are fresh, never powdered, and our kelp is sourced directly from Alaska.
Pure Velvet is a concentrated, balanced diet in a wet, easy-to-eat format. 
We avoid processed ingredients at all costs. The Pure Velvet formula is crafted in our cookhouse located in the heart of  Seattle. We work closely with local fishers, farmers, and entrepreneurs to source the best fresh ingredients. 
Pure Velvet is made in different stages to unlock the nutrition potential of each whole food ingredient. We control 100% of the process and to stay true to our whole food promise, we do not work with third-party manufacturers. 

Pure Velvet is the most nutrition-packed wet food for dogs on the market It contains twice the protein content of the leading premium wet food products. Made with 100% human-grade ingredients, Pure Velvet is cooked in glass jars and can remain shelf-stable for 24 months when properly stored. 


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