Bernie's Beauty is the only blend of fresh, wild-caught cod liver oil and Pacific whiting oil in the entire world. Straight from the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest and the Bering Sea.

 The oil blend delivers nutrients that promote  coat health and beauty, reduces itchy and flaky skin and helps relieve allergies. That's not all. This superfood also supports  the development of puppies brain and eyes. It can even help strengthen their immune system and could help them fight canine cancer. 

Wild Pacific Hake (Whiting) is unique to the waters of the coast of Oregon and Washington. Its oil is an amazing source of EPA, vitamin A and D.

The cod liver oil is extracted from pacific  cod, harvested in the pure waters of the Bering Sea. It helps repair wounds, boost heart health, & fight depression. It contains naturally occurring vitamins A and D, and a full spectrum of omega fatty acids, including omega-3 EPA and DHA.

Veterinary formulated and made in the USA.


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Fish oil is a good way to give your four-legged companion the omega-3 fatty acids they need. Depending on their general health and Beauty l supplement may become part of a long-term plan. Or, it may just provide a temporary nutritional boost to your dog’s diet.

Another benefit of Beauty is that it helps dogs across the span of their lifetimes. DHA, a component in omega-3 fatty acid, aids in the proper brain and eye development of puppies. DHA may also improve cognitive function in older dogs dealing with canine cognitive dysfunction. Research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help totreat canine arthritis and chronic kidney disease.


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