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Welcome to Bernie’s! If you are interested in high-quality, safe, whole-food-based functional nutrition for dogs, then you’re in the right place.

We prepare all our recipes in our Seattle cookhouse using only fresh, human-grade ingredients that are never processed. We work closely with our suppliers to prepare genuinely wholesome meals without processed proteins or fats. We pride ourselves in carefully selecting only high-grade meat, fish, kelp, and eggs from locally sourced suppliers.

At Bernie’s, our goal is to bring together fresh whole and simple ingredients to create excellent recipes our customers can trust. We believe natural, whole food is the cornerstone of your dog’s health, wellness, and overall happiness. The right food not only nourishes our pups physically, but also improves their quality of life and emotional well-being. All our balanced diet recipes begin with high-quality whole fish frozen at sea, providing pure animal protein and all the essential amino acids your dog needs to thrive. We never use vegetable proteins from grains or legumes.

Our ingredients are gently cooked together to keep the product safe. Bernie’s shelf stable meals contain 17% min of protein and less than 70% water, making us the most nutritious fresh wet food for dogs. It is not just the high protein content that makes Bernie’s Pure Velvet a best-in-class food for dogs. A combination of quality proteins, locally sourced supplies, high purity standards, and cooking methods are the real reason Bernie’s Pure Velvet is the best dog food on the market.


Sophie Lavallee

Bernie's Nutritionist

Jean- Francois Herve

CEO & Founder

Carla Tanaka Dupuis

DVM. Veterinarian + Chief Development Officer - Japan


Chief Yummy Officer

About our cookhouse

Seattle is blessed with an abundance of North Pacific seafood, as well as some of the world's best grounds for salmon and trout​.

Being located in the heart of the city's Industrial District, Bernie’s benefits from amazing sources of fresh fish, from Sole to Pacific Mackerel, wild Alaska salmon or cod liver. Our fish is human-grade and frozen at-sea right after been caught to keep its freshness intact.

Our products are made in small batches and are minimally processed to ensure food safety and keep all the nutritional value of these fresh ingredients.



United States Seafoods supplies us with several fish species, including pollock, mackerel, sole and much more!

Alaska SeaGrove is our supplier of fresh kelp. The harvest takes place in May with the blades frozen on-site at the farm and shipped to our Seattle cookhouse.

• All our Angus beef is supplied locally and is pasture bred and raised the old-fashion way without hormones, antibiotics, or grain products. We make sure our farm animals live stress-free lives and are grazing on exceptional grass and hay. We firmly believe in maintaining the health of all animals, especially those within our supply chain. After all, happy cows simply make better beef.

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